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Joe Ephrem

IAB Operations Manager


Joe graduated from the University of Balamand with a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering – Chemical Manufacturing. Joe started his career as a part-time junior editor at the Educational Research Centre, a leading publishing house in Lebanon and the MENA region. His passion for this field drove him to become the International Arab Baccalaureate (IAB) officer, and a few months later, the IAB Operations Manager.

Since 2012, Joe has been working on projects with worldwide education projects and companies, such as IAB benchmarking studies (with UK NARIC) for Lebanon and KSA, the Cognitive Abilities Test CAT4 (with GL Education) for the Omani Ministry of Education, psychometric consultancy for the National Assessment and Evaluation Centre in Muscat (with Pearson Education), Curricula Mapping with International Curricula – Arab National Curricula vs International Quals – for Lebanon, Egypt and KSA, and is a board member of the National Assessment Consultancy Project for Education 2.0 (with Pearson Education and York Press) for the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

On a daily basis, Joe works on studying, marketing and overseeing the implementation of the IAB in Lebanon, KSA and potential Arab countries, setting up all IAB Governance Board meetings and training the teams of editors, teachers, university professors and assessment professionals in Lebanon and the Arab countries.