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Dr Mahdi Mansour

Consultant, Professor, Trainer, Educator, Writer


Dr Mahdi Mansour is an educational consultant and a university professor. He lectures and researches in the fields of maths and science education. He holds a PhD in Physics, a Bachelor’s degree in Literature, a diploma in STEAM education and a diploma in Science Communication. Certified in STEAM education, Dr Mansour trains teachers to design interdisciplinary lesson plans, prepare hands-on, minds-on enrichments and structure project-based learning through the design process. He is also an expert in blended learning and many other teaching strategies. His daily mission is to transform rigid educational systems by gradually changing the mindsets of educators.

Dr Mansour’s own background in STEM, combined with his passion for education and talent for poetry (putting the “A” in STEAM), make him a ‘Renaissance Thinker’ in education, according to Ben Koch, the co-founder of Numinds Enrichment.

With expertise across various disciplines and proficiency in linguistics and creative writing, he is now a science writer and author, in addition to running successful sessions and participating in many symposiums, training programmes and workshops.

Currently, Dr Mansour is an educational developer and science coordinator at the Lycee national schools, a lecturer at the Lebanese University, a freelance trainer at Pearson Education Limited and a frequent keynote speaker at several educational conferences. He has actively participated in, organised and supervised projects at several local and international science fairs.

Dr Mansour has innovated a new teaching strategy, the Light Ball Strategy (LBS), published many papers and nine books across the fields of science and literature.