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Sarah Hajj

Math Coordinator Coll├Ęge Notre Dame de Louize, Lebanon


As a mathematician, the research in teaching mathematics has always been an intriguing field for me, I have always had question about how to mathematics & the teaching techniques can shape the minds of our students who are to become the future leaders one day.

My track went from pure mathematics to computational sciences, and then into research in education, especially in mathematics education. Along this journey, between both the private & public sectors in the home country Lebanon, I went from teacher, to coordinator, to researcher and I still seek the undiscovered passion in each of them.

My passion for teaching took me far, and is still taking me, Ione thing is for sure, it is that the educational field is a forever changing model, needs to be adapted with the specifications of the generations and their ability to cope well with everything going around, up the originality of every student and his learning styles.

Once we have all this mind, we know that we are set on the right track.