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Maggie Makhlouf



With a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years, Maggie Makhlouf is an educational consultant with an in-depth knowledge of the regional educational system.
In her current position as Educational Consultant and Trainer with York Press, she delivers specialised workshops and educational consultancy services, as well as hands-on training of pedagogical resources across the Middle East.
Drawing on her advisory skills and competencies, Maggie Makhlouf is currently responsible for strengthening collaboration with Ministries of Education and institutions in the region, assisting them in their educational reform agendas and supporting trainers and experts in adopting new approaches and techniques. As part of her outreach activities, Maggie employs tailored, innovative and engaging presentation techniques to captivate her audience.
Previously, Maggie Makhlouf served as Deputy Director and English Coordinator at the Lebanese French University in Erbil, Kurdistan. Her main duties consisted of coordinating quality procedures adopted by the Ministry of Higher Education, handling faculty and student advisory evaluations, as well as designing and delivering all Business English course modules, components and resources.