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Joe Ephrem graduated with a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering – Chemical Manufacturing and another in Educational Management. He started his career as a part-time junior editor at the Educational Research Centre, a leading publishing house in Lebanon and the Arab World. He poured his passion for Education into his work with the International Arab Baccalaureate (IAB) which led him to become Operations Manager, and then Assessment Director.
Joe has been working on worldwide educational projects in the Arab region for approximately ten years now, with countries like Lebanon, KSA, Oman, and Egypt. He has been awarded an Executive Certificate for Leadership from the American Foundation of Educational Excellence (AFEE).
In his daily career, Joe is responsible for IAB Governance Board meetings and training the teams of editors, teachers, university professors and assessment professionals in Lebanon and Arab countries even beyond the scope of the IAB programme.
During the past years, he has participated as a speaker in Egypt’s and Lebanon’s World Education Summits, WES and attended many educational conferences in Lebanon and the Arab World. He is also happiest when he is travelling and expanding his knowledge in the educational field.