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Dr. Rima Khaled



Dr. Rima Khaled is an International Arab Baccalaureate (IAB) Chemistry Consultant, University Instructor in two universities in Lebanon, Chemistry Coordinator, and High School Teacher for both Lebanese and American System Departments at the National Evangelical Institute for Girls and Boys. She holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry. Her extensive research in scale reduction and anticorrosion of petroleum pipelines allowed her to reach two highly efficient ecofriendly plant leaves extracts serving this purpose.
She takes part in many educational projects with IAB such as curriculum design and assessment tools. Her role ranges between editing, authoring, reviewing, and validating scientific practices.
She has actively participated in many IB training workshops and was the International School Coordinator for the British Council. This as lead to granting the school the International School Award (ISA) after working on several activities and projects with other joint schools locally and globally.
As a master trainer, she has delivered several training sessions to her colleagues across the school on how to integrate and implement ICT in the teaching and learning process.
Dr. Rima is passionate to acquire new skills for continuous development.