Meet Steve O’Farrell

Steve O’Farrell



Steve O’Farrell has been in education for over 25 years and has been training teachers for more than 15 of these years. He now travels around Turkey and abroad, training for Pearson Education. A passionate and energetic presenter, his humorous sessions strive to impart valuable concepts and vision.
Play to Learn: Using Gamification to Enhance Student Engagement
Gamification or just playing games? What’s the difference? And what have any of these got to do with the serious business of ELT/ELL? Join us for an informative and fun session about this (believe it or not) crucial concept for young and not-so-young learners. See the different levels of gamification and learn about some cool tools that can help you gamify your ELT/ ELL classroom.
Digital Assessment – the Future?
What is the point of digital assessment? How can a machine possibly assess my ELT/ELL students’ language level? Surely, this means multiple choice tests, and we all know how limited these are. In this session, we will look at how, rather than a dystopian scenario, Artificial Intelligence might just be your best friend in ELT/ELL assessment, both in terms of validity and reliability.