Meet Alan Yeoman

Alan Yeoman



Alan has worked in Primary education for 30 years and has experience as a Teacher, Head Teacher, Local Authority and National Adviser.
For the last 8 years he has worked as a freelance trainer and consultant specialising in Maths, Science, ICT and online delivery.
During the 1990’s Alan was instrumental in the successful implementation of Video Conferencing equipment in schools across a Local Authority and oversaw the professional development and support offered to teaching staff as the first ever educational intranet was rolled out to schools.
During his time with Education Scotland, Alan successfully led several national programmes that have since been replicated around the world. His role included managing the team responsible for supporting schools in the use of GLOW - the world’s first national education intranet and ensuring the technology was being used effectively to enhance the teaching and learning.
Over the past 9 years, Alan has worked with iON Suppliers to develop and deliver high-quality Professional Development to schools across the UK and around the world with a strong emphasis on raising attainment and supporting pedagogical change.

Projects and Creativity: STEM Application
Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are all important subjects on their own; however, they are rarely seen outside the field of education. In industry and workplace environments, individuals and teams with various levels of expertise and skills work together to generate new knowledge, ideas and products.
The skills developed through STEM are valued by many employers including those in non-STEM related industries. In fact, these skills are essential in every economic sector.
As a school, we need to develop a culture of STEM by ensuring our teachers are empowered and by providing high quality experiences.
This interactive session will guide us through how we can become a truly creative STEM school, while highlighting a whole school approach and teaching resources to support your journey, and help us to move from promise to practice.