Meet Donna Lee Fields

Donna Lee Fields



Donna Lee Fields, Ph.D., author (101 Scaffolding Techniques for the Content and Language Teacher), professor (Universidad de JaƩn, Universidad de Valencia, Spain), teacher-trainer, and collaborator with international educational institutions such as York Press (U.K., Egypt) Educluster (Finland), and Programa BEDA (Spain). Donna specialises in innovative language and content teaching including the CLIL approach and Phenomenon-Based Learning. Creator of, an awardnominated website designed to provide teachers with resources to help to turn competences into action, she has published the first four volumes of What if..The Comprehensive Guide to Creating Phenomenon-Based Learning Projects.

Nurturing Global Awareness: Individuals and Culture
Planning lessons in a plurilingual setting is challenging, yet the opportunities are endless when we play with all types of subject matter as a springboard towards language proficiency. In this session we will explore a few techniques that supplement classroom materials with the aim of giving your students more opportunities to develop those key competences that celebrate a global vision and a broader cultural awareness. We will actively experiment with lesson planning using the three-tiered, interdisciplinary structure of Mini-Lessons (Scaffolding, Body of Lesson, Formative Evaluation); in addition, we will also delve into a few project-based learning elements that support and develop essential 21st century skills.