Meet Habib Sayegh

Habib Sayegh



Habib Sayegh is CEO of York Press based in London.
Habib Sayegh graduated from the University of Cambridge, with a Master’s degree in Business Administration in 1994, a Master’s degree in Arts in 1990 and a Bachelor’s degree in Arts (Hons) in 1987. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.
Habib Sayegh’s heritage in education goes back to his grandfather, Habib, who earned a Master’s degree in Pharmacology in 1904 from the AUB in Beirut. His father, Dr Khalil Sayegh, created a renowned, extraordinary collection of over 700 dictionaries and encyclopaedias and over 1,000 children literature books, including the Ladybird books and the Butterfly books published by Librairie du Liban.
Habib Sayegh’s motto is ‘Educating Generations’. He leads a group of education companies comprising 1,000 employees and experts in education, with products used by students and teachers in more than 100 countries. In 2023, more than 50 million teachers and students will have benefitted from these products.
Habib Sayegh has led a team of experts at York Press in pioneering research to bring together the York Global Curriculum Framework, encompassing the US Common Core standards, Canada's Ontario standards, the UK curriculum, Singapore's Mastery Approach in maths, and curriculum standards in the Arab world.
On the basis of this ground-breaking educational research, York Press has developed a truly 'global corpus' – global educational programmes for maths and science, as well as a programme for social studies.
The York Global Corpuses in maths, science and social studies embody the best practices and the most up-to-date educational approaches with proven efficacy. The York Global Corpuses follow a learner-centred design that would help learners acquire the intended knowledge and be equipped with the right set of higher-order thinking skills and soft skills. The York Global Corpuses provide teachers with a wide range of resources, both print and digital, powered by the York-E platform.
US curriculum schools and UK curriculum schools, as well as national curriculum schools, can now benefit from a truly global corpus in maths, science and social studies as they seek to prepare their learners to become truly global citizens.