Meet Phillip Lupton

Phillip Lupton



Phillip Lupton is a British international educator with over 20 years’ experience working in the UK, Bahrain, China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. In both the public and private sectors, in schools and at a national governmental level, Phillip has driven improvement in: system level reform, teacher professional development, national policy design and implementation, curriculum design and implementation, national science examinations, textbook design and implementation, as well as quality assurance and school inspections.
Developing and Assessing: Knowledge, Reasoning and 21st Century Skills in the Classroom
Every year, academics, industry figures and other stakeholders call for education to better prepare students for university and careers beyond. Teachers are required not only to cover course content, but to develop reasoning and 21st century skills at the same time. In this highly practical session, we will look at why the development of reasoning and 21st century skills is so important and explore practical methods of developing and assessing these skills, while teaching the knowledge of the curriculum.